Why I Want to Help the Environment

Hello everyone! Today is the big day! I am so happy to begin sharing with you things I am learning or doing to help our planet. I thought it would first be necessary to explain to you why I am doing this.

1. I want to live in a pretty environment.

When I was little, I would wake up in the morning to beautiful skies. Approximately 10 years later, I am waking up to a smog filled sky. It astonishes me how much the environment has changed. It is necessary to stop the damage I have been creating, and be more mindful of my consumption.

2. It makes me happy knowing I am making a difference

I don’t know about you, but after I volunteer or donate I feel pretty good about myself! Living an environmentally friendly life is kind of like giving back to the planet.

3. I get to be creative.

I love getting artsy and challenging myself to look at different perspectives. Finding eco-friendly alternatives is a game for me and I have so mush fun!

5. I get to time travel (lol)

This might be stretching it, but if you are reversing damages done to earth and reestablishing it’s previous health, aren’t you going back in time??? (I know I’m a dork, OK!)

6. I am creating a better life for my future family.

When I grow up, I want to make sure my children have healthy air to breath, a tree to clime on, and animals to admire. I want them to witness the Earth’s  beauty.

7. Too many animals are dying.

From the meat and dairy industry to hunting to deforestation, too many lives are being lost.

8. I want to inspire others.

I was inspired by people I saw making a difference, and I hope others will become inspired by me. A butterfly effect is needed to change the world.

9. I’m a rebel.

My entire family can be highly wasteful, so I am being a naturally rebellious teen and saving the planet!

10. Why not?

The question should not be “Why are you living like that?”, but “Why haven’t we been living like this all along?”


I am really excited to be sharing this journey with you all! I hope we can work together to save this amazing planet we share.


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