My First Steps to Zero Waste

Zero waste living can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, I did tons of research (a.k.a. watching YouTube videos), and my beginning was quite easy. Here are just a few things I used or did to start my journey.

1. Mason Jars

I LOOOVVVEEE MASON JARS! They are aesthetically pleasing and help reduce waste. I use them for my water, lunches, beauty products, etc. They are very handy and I always get compliments!

2. Coconut Oil

The product sent from the gods!! It is a great shaving cream and lotion. It is great for cooking. It is also good for your teeth! Luckily, most coconut oil comes in a glass container with a metal lid!

3. Tooth Powder

I recently just made this and I am still getting used to the texture. However, my teeth are getting whiter!

4. Minimalism

One of the 5 R’s of zero waste living is reduce. I have reduced the amount of products i use to a bear minimum. Minimalism puts an emphasis on finding value in the moment you are in versus the value of tangible items. Minimalism helps me feel less cluttered and happier.

5. Compost

My mom hates it, but I love it! I collect all my vegetable and fruit scraps for the week and I bury it in the area i want to have a garden. I don’t have a legit compost yet; however, I am getting there!

These are just the few things I can think of at the top of my head. I feel this is a good start, and I plan to make many more changes over my winter break! Going zero waste can be time consuming, but there are many life lessons to learn in the process.

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