A Green Christmas

It is the holidays, and I didn’t know what to ask for from my family. I mean I could of asked my family for nothing; however, they were insisting to get me something. So, I sat there on my phone looking for ideas, and then I decided I was going to ask for things I need to live a more sustainable life. I decided others might be interested in this, so I wold love to share this list with you for possible inspiration.

  1. Fountain Pen
  2. Safety Razor
  3. Bamboo toothbrush
  4. Reusable produce bags
  5. Stainless steel lunch container
  6. Stainless steel straws
  7. Reiki appointment
  8. Full body massage
  9. Rechargeable batteries
  10. Amazon gift card
  11. Organic seeds
  12. Tea Strainer
  13. Trip to Whole Foods
  14. Reusable, bamboo utensil set
  15. cloth shopping bags

Strange right! However, I feel my family were more shocked when I asked for nothing rather than this list. It is good to consider if our society believes gifts represent our love for the person we are giving the gift to. I don’t even understand how we have reached the point where families spend thousands of dollars on Christmas presents! I believe I am going to work on finding value more in the little moments rather than the tangible objects; hopefully, it will rub off on the people around me.


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