My Weakness…


I love food.

Sweet, sour, tart, rich.

I love it all.

Including the processed, packaged stuff.

I love it all, but this romance needs to stop.

I am working on not eating processed food, and it is a struggle. I love those vegan cookies and Nature Valley Granola bars, but they are not good for me or the enviroment. From the plastic they come in to their production, it is not a kind industry.

After researching the background of product production and the harm our trash is doing to the environment, I realized we are living arrogantly to the evil we are doing.

I am working on it. It will take a bit more time; however, I can say I have stopped eating a lot of processed food.  There are many options in the bulk section for snacks. I have also mad my of granola bars before, too. There are multiple options to the packaged food.

I challenge you to go to a grocery store and look at the bulk containers and see what you can find. You may notice it is cheaper and more sustainable than the plastic wrapped snacks. Don’t forget your reusable bags!

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