Minimalism. The trend of the hipsters and rebels.

We hear or see it all the time in stores or commercials, but what is this movement all about?

I describe minimalism as a style of living simply with only things that are essential and make you happy. Its as ‘simple’ as that! (oh that was a bad joke…)

There are no guidelines to be a minimalist; however, you are only a minimalist if you have given up everything that do not need. That means giving away that ugly sweater your mother got you for your birthday, and is sitting in your closet because you don’t want to hurt her. (You know you have one.)

I would say I have minimized my life to the essentials, plus a few things that make me happy. I definitely own a little more, considering I am a high school student athlete. However, I try to use everything I own.

Minimalism has many benefits to your mental health and our environment. By shrinking your outside clutter, your mind is able to think clearly and gain more focus. Also, by minimizing what you have, you are reducing your impact on the environment!

If you are considering the minimalist lifestyle, start by decluttering. I know. GROSS.

But, it is the best place to start. Think about these questions when getting rid of things:

  1. Is it essential to daily life/ Do i use it often?
  2. Does it make me happy?
  3. Do I REALLY NEED it?

The last one really gets to me. It always allows me to get rid of a lot.

Minimalism is a journey, so take your time. Allow yourself on day a week to clean out one area of your home.

Please tag me on Instagram @ayearsavingearth to share your journey to a environmentally friendly lifestyle!

Lots of love!


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